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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Trip to Gobin Rock ended in Berhala

Went to Gobin Rock today with Jason, Jepp, Bakry and Ah Lung. We followed Ah Tam, one of the boatmen in yacht club.

Ah Tam's.
The weather was good but the current was quite terrible. Jepp, Jason and I had seasick.
Jason in action.
Jepp, sleeping soundly.
After being attacked by 3 'sea snakes', the seasick we were experiencing was getting worse.
At about noon, all of us were sleeping on the boat when all of the sudden, Ah Tam shouted.
Bakry got this barracuda.
As the current was very strong, we headed back to Berhala Island. Fished around this area until 4.30pm.
And these were what I've caught.
400g grouper.
9 croaker.
Made a decision with Jepp that we will never go and fish in Gobin Rock again.


Fish Whisperer said...

I feel sorry for you guys. Seasickness is the worst.
Tight lines