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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Taganak 2010

Planned a trip to Taganak with Zizu and friends. Unfortunately Zizu was not able to join us at the very last minute but it didn't stop us from going. Being the organizer of this trip, I faced a lot of problems. Now only I know that being an organizer is not that easy. Anyway, this trip began at 7.00am this morning and ended at about 5.30pm. It was a good trip anyway. As it's the third day of Chinese New Year, we were expecting to get a lot of 'reds'.

From left: Sahar, Mr Rao, Small Bob and Big Bob.
The Japanese guy, Mr Shou.
Mr Shou and myself.
The other members of this trip.
Sahar and Mr Rao.
Sahar and his 1.5Kg Coral Grouper and 1Kg sweet lips.
Donny in action. Fighting with a 2.8Kg Coral Grouper.
Donny with his 2nd Coral Grouper.
Big Bob with his catch.
Small Bob with his catch.
Donny with his catch.This is me, with the most catch among the other members of this trip.
Shou with the jangkar-man's catch.
These were my catch.
2 pink ear emperors.
3 silver breams.
2 kerisi.
A baby GT.
10 Japanese reds.
Will have another trip sometimes in March. Happy Chinese New Year to all. Cheers.


Fish Whisperer said...

What a great trip. You all caught some good looking fish. Organizing fishing trips is hard work but usually well worth the trouble.
Tight lines

tbyrodney said...

Yes, I agree with you. Will organize more fishing trips in the future and will learn to be a better organizer soon. Anyway, the trip was worth it. Thanks, Mr Fish Whisperer.