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Saturday, October 17, 2009

'Break fasting' in Kretam

After two months of not going to the sea to fish, my friends and I went to Kretam today. Jepp, Bob, Bakry, Donny, Don, Jason, Mark and myself followed Kong the boatman. Fished from 7.30am to 5.30pm. It was a very satisfying trip for some of us. I've forgotten to set the date in my camera, so, all the date stamp in the pictures dated 16/11/2009. It's supposed to be 17/11/2009.

Jepp and I.
Bakry, Jason and Donny.
Don with his first catch of the day.
Me with my Pink Ear Emperor and Trigger fish.
Donny with his orange spotted grouper.
Me with my Japanese Red.
Jepp with his Japanese Red.
Bakry with his 2kg John's Snapper.
Jepp with another Red Snapper.
Bob with his 1.5kg Mangrove Jack.
Bob again with his 3kg Mangrove Jack.
Donny with his Pink Ear Emperor.
After a few hours of fishing, some of us showed sign of tiredness.
Bakry and Jason.
After the rest, Bakry managed to land this 2kg Spotted Coral Grouper .
Donny with his first Spotted Coral Grouper. It weighed 2kg.
Jepp also managed to land this 2.5kg Spotted Coral Grouper.
Bob with another 2kg Spotted Coral Grouper.
Donny with his 2kg Spotted Coral Grouper and 2kg painted sweetlip.
Bakry with his catch.
Donny with his catch.
Me, Rodney, with my catch.
Jason with his catch.
Bob with his catch.
Don with his catch.
Mark with his catch.
From left : Mark, Donny, Bob, Bakry, Jepp, Don, Jason and I.


mizlan said...

wooo!..memang trip yg puas hati tu rodney..lumayan betul tangkapan..tahniah!..tahniah!

Fish Whisperer said...

Wow, thats a nice feed of fish.
Tight lines

tbyrodney said...

Thank you, Mizlan and Fish Whisperer. Perhaps this will be my last deep sea fishing trip for this year. Anyway, thanks a lot for all the support given.

Anonymous said...

wah... most of u got 7 star... congratulation... -mayong

tbyrodney said...

Thanks a lot, Mayong. 7 star or 8 star or any other fish, as long as they give a good fight and good 'electric shock', they are good enough ( errrr at least for me ). Yamsengggggg.....

anntaj said...

00009723 visitor no: anntaj


trip yg best...
saya takleh nak join kalau macam ni, sbb saya takut dgn laut..