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Friday, August 21, 2009

Taman Airport

Went to cast for haruan this afternoon from 230pm to 530pm. in Taman Airport, Mile 7 with Jepp and Jason. Casted for nearly 2 hours using Bakau's froggie. There were a lot of strike but no solid hook up at all. Changed to Bakau's Gulp and still there were no solid hook up. Finally, I changed to River2Sea's Worm and I successfully landed 2 small haruans.

Jepp with his first catch.
My first catch, a baby haruan.
My second catch, also a baby haruan.


mizlan said...

cayalah rodney!jeles aku...

tbyrodney said...

muakakakakaka..... kau jeles dengan baby haruan aku tu? tidak la aku percaya..... hahahaa