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Friday, May 15, 2009

Froggie Casting VS Fly

Hunting for haruan again today with Jason and Jepp. Like usual, Jason and I were using our Seahawk's Froggie and as for Jepp, he was using his fly fishing technique.

The best spot we've found so far.
Jason and Jepp concentrating hunting for Haruan.
The only catch we have today. Jepp with his 200g haruan.

Jason enjoying himself casting for haruan.
There was no 'catch and release' today as we planned to give the haruan to our friend, Zizu.


hector200 said...

Nice Blog.

saludos desde Mexico.

mizlan said...

tempat cantik rodney..ku percya ada haruan saiz 1++kg kt situ

tbyrodney said...

Thanks, Hector.

Mizlan, aku pun masih mencari2 rekod peribadi untuk menaikkan haruan lebih dari 1kg ni.