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Friday, March 6, 2009

It's time for karuk

The local named this fish ikan karuk but in West Malaysia, it's named ikan puyu. It's a small sized fish. It doesn't give so much fight. Elysius and I went to mile 7 today for karuk hunting. It was fun. We used fresh prawn as bait. Elysius managed to land 4 karuk and as for me, I was only able to catch 2. The pond was full of karuk and it seemed like they were making fun of us by jumping right in front of our eyes so many times.
The small pond for karuk hunting

Elysius in action.

The biggest catch of the day.


mizlan said...

cantik kolam tu Rodney!takkan karuk saja..dalak xda ke kt situ?mcm ada potensi ja