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Sunday, January 11, 2009

only a gelama

Planned to go fishing on a sampan with Ijam and his friends. Cancelled it because of heavy rain. So, I went to the guard house near Sandakan wet market and fished there. Fished from 1030pm to 100am. Got only a gelama with my new Cobra Robinson 4.5feet fishing rod and Shimano Slade FB4000 reel equipped with 30lbs power pro braided line. Gave the gelama to the angler fishing beside me.

My second catch of the year, a gelama.


mizlan said...

wow..ada gak hasil kau bos!aku tahun 2009 ni lum lg..yang ada pun seekor ular yang

sue_fingers said...

waaaa fishing ka? ikut.............hehehe